2ls10A small clone of the popular game 2048KatolaZ15 months
bbshshell script for file-based bbsKatolaZ15 months
bibshA reference manager in Unix shellKatolaZ15 months
binnitminimal no-fuss pastebin service clone in golangKatolaZ15 months
bsd-fingermy own fork of Debian's bsd-finger packageKatolaZ15 months
burrowa burrower (crawler) for the GopherspaceKatolaZ15 months
cgit-70a fork of cgit with a Gopher interfaceKatolaZ15 months
cmarkMy own fork of cmark for commonmark conversionKatolaZ15 months
d1pkgwebDevuan package info managerKatolaZ15 months
d1pkgweb-queryDevuan package info manager -- cgi scriptKatolaZ15 months
gophedsimple ed-based gopher client in a shell scriptKatolaZ15 months
gopherssparse RSS news feeds into gopher pagesKatolaZ15 months
gopherutilsGopher-related scriptsKatolaZ15 months
gosherA simple Gopher server in a shell scriptKatolaZ15 months
gramsciiA simple editor for ASCII box-and-arrow chartsKatolaZ2 months
indygitsearch engine for independent git serversKatolaZ15 months
lawnmowerorganise gopher links in categoriesKatolaZ15 months
mammultmetrics and models for multi-layer networksKatolaZ15 months
multiredStructural reduction of multi-layer networksKatolaZ15 months
myedmy own ed(1) rewriteKatolaZ15 months
netbunchToolbox for graph analysis and modellingKatolaZ15 months
phl-orgManage a phlog in org-modeKatolaZ15 months
phrolloGopher phlog roll in a POSIX shell scriptKatolaZ15 months
psrw2D random walk in postscriptKatolaZ15 months
scorshsigned-commit remote shellKatolaZ15 months
setnetA simple dialog tool to manage networkingKatolaZ11 months
twic_scriptDownload and maintain PGN chess games from TWICKatolaZ15 months
xml2tsva simple xml-to-tsv converter, based on xmlparserKatolaZ11 months