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2020-01-24build: substitute the path into the generate filesSaleem Abdulrasool
This resorts to the variable substitution to ensure the path embedded is correct. Without this, the path at the time of the configuration. In the case of the Swift project, this ended up searching in the *source* directory rather than the *build* directory. This will ensure that we export the file to an absolute location and we use the same location in the `cmarkConfig.cmake` file by means of CMake's `configure_file` subsitution.
2020-01-23build: use absolute path for cmarkTargets.cmakeSaleem Abdulrasool
Adjust the include of the CMake file to use a cmarkConfig.cmake relative location which enables use without considerations for the path.
2020-01-02build: add exports targets for build tree usageSaleem Abdulrasool
This enables the use of the export targets from the build tree to allow easy use of the CMark library in other projects. Resolves: #307