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authorJohn MacFarlane <>2020-05-13 17:07:29 -0700
committerJohn MacFarlane <>2020-05-13 17:07:29 -0700
commit53abb8e3ab21a31ca7b4921207bd97bb42355c80 (patch)
parent3bfdadcb66aa969bee2eefe6da5df5028b55849d (diff)
Don't call memcpy with NULL as 1st parameter.
This is illegal according to the C standard, sec. 7.1.4. "If an argument to a function has an invalid value (such as a value outside the domain of the function, or a pointer outside the address space of the program, or a null pointer, or a pointer to non-modifiable storage when the corresponding parameter is not const-qualified) or a type (after promotion) not expected by a function with variable number of arguments, the behavior is undefined." 7.24.1(2): "Where an argument declared as size_t n specifies the length of the array for a function, n can have the value zero […] pointer arguments on such a call shall still have valid values, as described in 7.1.4." See
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/src/inlines.c b/src/inlines.c
index 13dd466..5b2edc6 100644
--- a/src/inlines.c
+++ b/src/inlines.c
@@ -99,9 +99,10 @@ static CMARK_INLINE cmark_node *make_simple(cmark_mem *mem, cmark_node_type t) {
static cmark_node *make_str(subject *subj, int sc, int ec, cmark_chunk s) {
cmark_node *e = make_literal(subj, CMARK_NODE_TEXT, sc, ec);
- // NOLINTNEXTLINE(clang-analyzer-core.NonNullParamChecker)
e->data = (unsigned char *)subj->mem->realloc(NULL, s.len + 1);
- memcpy(e->data,, s.len);
+ if ( != NULL) {
+ memcpy(e->data,, s.len);
+ }
e->data[s.len] = 0;
e->len = s.len;
return e;