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cmark: Add function & option to normalize text nodes.
So, instead of <text>Hi</text> <text>&amp;</text> <text>lo</text> we get <text>Hi&amp;lo</text> * Added exported `cmark_consolidate_text_nodes` function. * Added `CMARK_OPT_NORMALIZE` to options. * Added optional normalization in XML writer. * Added `--normalize` option to command-line program. * Updated man page.
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\-\-to, \-t \f[I]FORMAT\f[]
Specify output format (\f[C]html\f[], \f[C]man\f[], \f[C]ast\f[]).
.TP 12n
+Include source position attribute.
+.TP 12n
+Treat newlines as hard line breaks.
+.TP 12n
+Consolidate adjacent text nodes.
+.TP 12n
Print usage information.
.TP 12n