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Added cmark_render_man (man page writer).
cmark: Replaced `--man` and `--ast` with generic `--to` option.
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@@ -13,14 +13,15 @@ acts as a pipe, reading from
or from the specified files and writing to
-It converts Markdown formatted plain text to HTML, using the conventions
+It converts Markdown formatted plain text to HTML (or groff man or
+an abstract representation of the AST), using the conventions
described in the CommonMark spec.
If multiple files are specified, the contents of the files are simply
concatenated before parsing.
.TP 12n
-Print an abstract syntax tree instead of HTML.
+\-\-to, \-t \f[I]FORMAT\f[]
+Specify output format (\f[C]html\f[], \f[C]man\f[], \f[C]ast\f[]).
.TP 12n
Print usage information.