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Fixed a number of issues relating to line wrapping.
- Extend CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS to all renderers and add `--nobreaks`. - Do not autowrap, regardless of width parameter, if CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS is set. - Fixed CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS for LaTeX and man renderers. - Ensure that no auto-wrapping occurs if CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS is enabled, or if output is CommonMark and CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS is enabled. - Updated man pages.
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@@ -25,13 +25,20 @@ Specify a column width to which to wrap the output. For no wrapping, use
the value 0 (the default). This option currently only affects the
commonmark, latex, and man renderers.
.TP 12n
+.B \-\-hardbreaks
+Render soft breaks (newlines inside paragraphs in the CommonMark source)
+as hard line breaks in the target format. If this option is specified,
+hard wrapping is disabled for CommonMark output, regardless of the value
+given with \-\-width.
+.TP 12n
+.B \-\-nobreaks
+Render soft breaks as spaces. If this option is specified,
+hard wrapping is disabled for all output formats, regardless of the value
+given with \-\-width.
+.TP 12n
.B \-\-sourcepos
Include source position attribute.
.TP 12n
-.B \-\-hardbreaks
-Treat newlines as hard line breaks. If this option is specified,
-hard wrapping is disabled, regardless of the value given with \-\-width.
-.TP 12n
.B \-\-normalize
Consolidate adjacent text nodes.
.TP 12n