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Added LaTeX renderer.
* New exported function in API: `cmark_render_latex`. * Added src/latex.hs. * Updated README and man page. * Closes #31.
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converts Markdown formatted plain text to either HTML, groff man,
-CommonMark XML, or CommonMark, using the conventions
+CommonMark XML, LaTeX, or CommonMark, using the conventions
described in the CommonMark spec. It reads input from \fIstdin\fR
or the specified files (concatenating their contents) and writes
output to \fIstdout\fR.
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ output to \fIstdout\fR.
.TP 12n
.B \-\-to, \-t \f[I]FORMAT\f[]
Specify output format (\f[C]html\f[], \f[C]man\f[], \f[C]xml\f[],
+\f[C]latex\f[], \f[C]commonmark\f[]).
.TP 12n
.B \-\-width \f[I]WIDTH\f[]
Specify a column width to which to wrap the output. For no wrapping, use