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authorJohn MacFarlane <>2014-12-13 11:24:26 -0800
committerJohn MacFarlane <>2014-12-13 11:24:26 -0800
commit225d720d6e9b473c7d6498e811b3f412472cc9ce (patch)
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Removed cmark_ prefix on chunk and strbuf.
This isn't needed any more since we don't expose these in the API.
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1 files changed, 34 insertions, 98 deletions
diff --git a/src/buffer.h b/src/buffer.h
index 7401b22..c827ea8 100644
--- a/src/buffer.h
+++ b/src/buffer.h
@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "config.h"
-#include "cmark_export.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
@@ -13,15 +12,13 @@ extern "C" {
typedef struct {
unsigned char *ptr;
int asize, size;
-} cmark_strbuf;
+} strbuf;
-extern unsigned char cmark_strbuf__initbuf[];
+extern unsigned char strbuf__initbuf[];
-extern unsigned char cmark_strbuf__oom[];
+extern unsigned char strbuf__oom[];
-#define CMARK_GH_BUF_INIT { cmark_strbuf__initbuf, 0, 0 }
+#define GH_BUF_INIT { strbuf__initbuf, 0, 0 }
* Initialize a strbuf structure.
@@ -29,8 +26,7 @@ extern unsigned char cmark_strbuf__oom[];
* For the cases where GH_BUF_INIT cannot be used to do static
* initialization.
-void cmark_strbuf_init(cmark_strbuf *buf, int initial_size);
+void strbuf_init(strbuf *buf, int initial_size);
* Attempt to grow the buffer to hold at least `target_size` bytes.
@@ -40,8 +36,7 @@ void cmark_strbuf_init(cmark_strbuf *buf, int initial_size);
* existing buffer content will be preserved, but calling code must handle
* that buffer was not expanded.
-int cmark_strbuf_try_grow(cmark_strbuf *buf, int target_size, bool mark_oom);
+int strbuf_try_grow(strbuf *buf, int target_size, bool mark_oom);
* Grow the buffer to hold at least `target_size` bytes.
@@ -51,13 +46,10 @@ int cmark_strbuf_try_grow(cmark_strbuf *buf, int target_size, bool mark_oom);
* @return 0 on success or -1 on failure
-int cmark_strbuf_grow(cmark_strbuf *buf, int target_size);
+int strbuf_grow(strbuf *buf, int target_size);
-void cmark_strbuf_free(cmark_strbuf *buf);
-void cmark_strbuf_swap(cmark_strbuf *buf_a, cmark_strbuf *buf_b);
+void strbuf_free(strbuf *buf);
+void strbuf_swap(strbuf *buf_a, strbuf *buf_b);
* Test if there have been any reallocation failures with this strbuf.
@@ -70,28 +62,22 @@ void cmark_strbuf_swap(cmark_strbuf *buf_a, cmark_strbuf *buf_b);
* @return false if no error, true if allocation error
-bool cmark_strbuf_oom(const cmark_strbuf *buf);
+bool strbuf_oom(const strbuf *buf);
-size_t cmark_strbuf_len(const cmark_strbuf *buf);
+size_t strbuf_len(const strbuf *buf);
-int cmark_strbuf_cmp(const cmark_strbuf *a, const cmark_strbuf *b);
+int strbuf_cmp(const strbuf *a, const strbuf *b);
-void cmark_strbuf_attach(cmark_strbuf *buf, unsigned char *ptr, int asize);
-unsigned char *cmark_strbuf_detach(cmark_strbuf *buf);
-void cmark_strbuf_copy_cstr(char *data, int datasize, const cmark_strbuf *buf);
+void strbuf_attach(strbuf *buf, unsigned char *ptr, int asize);
+unsigned char *strbuf_detach(strbuf *buf);
+void strbuf_copy_cstr(char *data, int datasize, const strbuf *buf);
-static inline const char *cmark_strbuf_cstr(const cmark_strbuf *buf)
+static inline const char *strbuf_cstr(const strbuf *buf)
return (char *)buf->ptr;
-#define cmark_strbuf_at(buf, n) ((buf)->ptr[n])
+#define strbuf_at(buf, n) ((buf)->ptr[n])
* Functions below that return int value error codes will return 0 on
@@ -101,74 +87,24 @@ static inline const char *cmark_strbuf_cstr(const cmark_strbuf *buf)
* return code of these functions and call them in a series then just call
* strbuf_oom at the end.
-int cmark_strbuf_set(cmark_strbuf *buf, const unsigned char *data, int len);
-int cmark_strbuf_sets(cmark_strbuf *buf, const char *string);
-int cmark_strbuf_putc(cmark_strbuf *buf, int c);
-int cmark_strbuf_put(cmark_strbuf *buf, const unsigned char *data, int len);
-int cmark_strbuf_puts(cmark_strbuf *buf, const char *string);
-int cmark_strbuf_printf(cmark_strbuf *buf, const char *format, ...)
+int strbuf_set(strbuf *buf, const unsigned char *data, int len);
+int strbuf_sets(strbuf *buf, const char *string);
+int strbuf_putc(strbuf *buf, int c);
+int strbuf_put(strbuf *buf, const unsigned char *data, int len);
+int strbuf_puts(strbuf *buf, const char *string);
+int strbuf_printf(strbuf *buf, const char *format, ...)
CMARK_ATTRIBUTE((format (printf, 2, 3)));
-int cmark_strbuf_vprintf(cmark_strbuf *buf, const char *format, va_list ap);
-void cmark_strbuf_clear(cmark_strbuf *buf);
-int cmark_strbuf_strchr(const cmark_strbuf *buf, int c, int pos);
-int cmark_strbuf_strrchr(const cmark_strbuf *buf, int c, int pos);
-void cmark_strbuf_drop(cmark_strbuf *buf, int n);
-void cmark_strbuf_truncate(cmark_strbuf *buf, int len);
-void cmark_strbuf_rtrim(cmark_strbuf *buf);
-void cmark_strbuf_trim(cmark_strbuf *buf);
-void cmark_strbuf_normalize_whitespace(cmark_strbuf *s);
-void cmark_strbuf_unescape(cmark_strbuf *s);
-// Convenience macros
-#define strbuf cmark_strbuf
-#define strbuf__initbuf cmark_strbuf__initbuf
-#define strbuf__oom cmark_strbuf__oom
-#define strbuf_init cmark_strbuf_init
-#define strbuf_try_grow cmark_strbuf_try_grow
-#define strbuf_grow cmark_strbuf_grow
-#define strbuf_free cmark_strbuf_free
-#define strbuf_swap cmark_strbuf_swap
-#define strbuf_oom cmark_strbuf_oom
-#define strbuf_len cmark_strbuf_len
-#define strbuf_cmp cmark_strbuf_cmp
-#define strbuf_attach cmark_strbuf_attach
-#define strbuf_detach cmark_strbuf_detach
-#define strbuf_copy_cstr cmark_strbuf_copy_cstr
-#define strbuf_at cmark_strbuf_at
-#define strbuf_set cmark_strbuf_set
-#define strbuf_sets cmark_strbuf_sets
-#define strbuf_putc cmark_strbuf_putc
-#define strbuf_put cmark_strbuf_put
-#define strbuf_puts cmark_strbuf_puts
-#define strbuf_printf cmark_strbuf_printf
-#define strbuf_vprintf cmark_strbuf_vprintf
-#define strbuf_clear cmark_strbuf_clear
-#define strbuf_strchr cmark_strbuf_strchr
-#define strbuf_strrchr cmark_strbuf_strrchr
-#define strbuf_drop cmark_strbuf_drop
-#define strbuf_truncate cmark_strbuf_truncate
-#define strbuf_rtrim cmark_strbuf_rtrim
-#define strbuf_trim cmark_strbuf_trim
-#define strbuf_normalize_whitespace cmark_strbuf_normalize_whitespace
-#define strbuf_unescape cmark_strbuf_unescape
+int strbuf_vprintf(strbuf *buf, const char *format, va_list ap);
+void strbuf_clear(strbuf *buf);
+int strbuf_strchr(const strbuf *buf, int c, int pos);
+int strbuf_strrchr(const strbuf *buf, int c, int pos);
+void strbuf_drop(strbuf *buf, int n);
+void strbuf_truncate(strbuf *buf, int len);
+void strbuf_rtrim(strbuf *buf);
+void strbuf_trim(strbuf *buf);
+void strbuf_normalize_whitespace(strbuf *s);
+void strbuf_unescape(strbuf *s);
#ifdef __cplusplus