AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-02fix slantKatolaZ
2020-09-02Merge branch 'mom'KatolaZ
2020-09-02fix boldKatolaZ
2020-09-02add support for groff mom filterKatolaZ
2020-09-02add reference to mom in manpageKatolaZ
2020-09-02add support for groff mom filterKatolaZ
2020-08-24Increase timeout for pathological tests.John MacFarlane
2020-08-24define whitespace per specAsherah Connor
2020-08-23Add MAX_INDENT for xml.John MacFarlane
2020-07-12Treat textarea like script, style, pre (type 1 HTML block)...John MacFarlane
2020-07-12Update spec.txt.John MacFarlane
2020-06-24Fix handling of empty strings when creating XML/HTML output.Steffen KieƟ
2020-06-22Re-add `--safe` command-line option as a no-op.John MacFarlane
2020-06-21Adjust the MinGW paths for MinGW64.Daniil Baturin
2020-05-13Don't call memcpy with NULL as 1st parameter.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Add more NOLINTNEXTLINE directives.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Add NOLINTNEXTLINE to avoid a useless linter error.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Add needed include in blocks.cJohn MacFarlane
2020-05-13Comment out unused function cmark_strbuf_cstr in buffer.hJohn MacFarlane
2020-05-13CI: Run linter.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Add lint target to MakefileJohn MacFarlane
2020-05-13Fix unnecessary variable assignment.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13New lint target using clang-tidy.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13CI: Another attempt to add clang-tidy.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Remove appveyor build.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13CI: change shared to cmark_opts in matrix, add linter.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13CI: test with different shared library configs.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13CI: try setting CPP in matrix.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Fix syntax for matrix.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Linux CI: use both gcc and clang.John MacFarlane
2020-05-13Add .gitattributes to ensure that line endings are normalized.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Windows CI: ensure UTF-8.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Revert " ignore line endings on diff."John MacFarlane ignore line endings on diff.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Revert " don't keep line endings (for windows CI)."John MacFarlane don't keep line endings (for windows CI).John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Add CI badge.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Windows CI: try installing msvc tools.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Revert "Revert "CI: avoid using nmake.bat.""John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Windows CI: specify cmd shell.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Revert "CI: avoid using nmake.bat."John MacFarlane
2020-05-12CI: avoid using nmake.bat.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12CI: install valgrind for linux.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Fix CI.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Diagnostic for CI.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Revert "Setup python."John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Setup python.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Add GitHub actions CI.John MacFarlane
2020-05-12Update to Unicode 13.0data-man
2020-03-20Add uninstall target to Makefile.John MacFarlane