AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-06Fixed a bug in ping/traceroute/hostoriginKatolaZ
2017-01-05Implemented check of sudo/sup. Disabled "Load Configuration File" ifKatolaZ
2017-01-05Added reference to website in README.mdKatolaZ
2017-01-05small change in README.mdKatolaZ
2017-01-05version 0.2 releasedrelease-0.2KatolaZ
2017-01-03Removed setnet.dashKatolaZ
2017-01-03setnet.dash moved to -- Fixed a few bugsKatolaZ
2017-01-03Added dump to file -- Show interface status -- other changesKatolaZ
2017-01-02Added "Info" panel with basic network diagnosticsKatolaZ
2017-01-02solved a little bug in trap (now working properly in all the supported shells)KatolaZ
2017-01-02Towards version 0.2. Added config variables and initialisation checksKatolaZ
2017-01-02posix-compliant. Works on bash, busybox, dash, ksh, pos, yashPOSIX-complianceKatolaZ
2017-01-01Towards a posix-compliant versionKatolaZ
2016-12-31corrected a typo in "Depends:"debian-packageKatolaZ
2016-12-30First CommitKatolaZ