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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-24Fix handling of empty strings when creating XML/HTML output.Steffen KieƟ
2020-01-23Rearrange struct cmark_nodeNick Wellnhofer
2020-01-23Improve packing of struct cmark_listNick Wellnhofer
2020-01-23Use C string instead of chunk for custom block contentsNick Wellnhofer
2020-01-23Use C string instead of chunk for link URL and titleNick Wellnhofer
2020-01-23Use C string instead of chunk for code info and literalNick Wellnhofer
2019-03-17Make rendering safe by default.John MacFarlane
2016-06-06cmark: Implement support for custom allocatorsVicent Marti
2016-03-18Add library option to render softbreaks as spacesPavlo Kapyshin
2016-03-12Don't use variable length arraysNick Wellnhofer
2016-03-12Switch from "inline" to "CMARK_INLINE"Nick Wellnhofer
2016-01-18Merge branch 'master' of into mbenelli-masterJohn MacFarlane
2016-01-10html renderer - removed unnecessary check for 'fenced'.John MacFarlane
2015-12-22Rename hrule -> thematic_break.John MacFarlane
2015-12-22Rename 'header' -> 'heading'.John MacFarlane
2015-12-19Fixed bug in html renderer for custom nodes.John MacFarlane
2015-12-19Changed API for CUSTOM_BLOCK and CUSTOM_INLINE.John MacFarlane
2015-12-19Added RAW_BLOCK and RAW_INLINE node types.John MacFarlane
2015-11-02Replaced sprintf with snprintf.Marco Benelli
2015-08-10Remove need to disable MSVC warning 4244Kevin Wojniak
2015-07-27Use clang-format, llvm style, for formatting.John MacFarlane
2015-07-25html renderer - use sprintf to avoid strbuf_printf.John MacFarlane
2015-07-14astyle reformatting.John MacFarlane
2015-07-13Added `CMARK_OPT_SAFE` option and `--safe` command-line flag.John MacFarlane
2015-07-01html renderer: properly split info on first space char.John MacFarlane
2015-06-16astyle formatting changes.John MacFarlane
2015-06-07Avoid strlen in html.cNick Wellnhofer
2015-06-07Convert code base to strbuf_tNick Wellnhofer
2015-06-06astyle formatting changes.John MacFarlane
2015-05-14Store link URL and title as cmark_chunkNick Wellnhofer
2015-02-16Made 'options' an int rather than a long.John MacFarlane
2015-02-15Removed unneeded include.John MacFarlane
2015-02-15Moved handling of --smart from renderer to parser.John MacFarlane
2015-02-14Added smart.c, smart.h with function abstracting smart punct rendering.John MacFarlane
2015-02-14astyle changes (code formatting only).John MacFarlane
2015-02-14Improved smart quote recognition.John MacFarlane
2015-02-14Added CMARK_OPT_SMARTPUNCT and --smart option.John MacFarlane
2015-01-21Removed unnecessary strbuf_free's.John MacFarlane
2015-01-05Reformatted code consistently with astyle.John MacFarlane
2014-12-31Remove useless void* castNick Wellnhofer
2014-12-29Added options parameter to renderers.John MacFarlane
2014-12-28Rename CMARK_NODE_LIST_ITEM -> CMARK_NODE_ITEM.John MacFarlane
2014-12-16Added 'literal' field to 'code' struct.John MacFarlane
2014-12-16HTML writer: fixed bug in detection of fenced code blocks.John MacFarlane
2014-12-15Re-added cmark_ prefix to strbuf and chunk.John MacFarlane
2014-12-14Use chunk for fenced code info, instead of strbuf.John MacFarlane
2014-12-14Use as.literal instead of string_content for HTML and code blocks.John MacFarlane