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2020-09-02add support for groff mom filterKatolaZ
2020-06-22Re-add `--safe` command-line option as a no-op.John MacFarlane
2020-01-23Rearrange struct cmark_nodeNick Wellnhofer
2019-07-05print_usage(): Minor grammar fix, swap two words (#305)Øyvind A. Holm
2019-03-28Remove leftover includes of memory.h.John MacFarlane
2019-03-17Make rendering safe by default.John MacFarlane
2018-11-21check for OpenBSD 5.9+Ashe Connor
2018-11-20Use pledge(2) on OpenBSDAshe Connor
2017-08-01Advertise --validate-utf8 in usage informationNguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
2017-05-05Remove normalize as an option per #190 (#194)Yuki Izumi
2017-01-03Revert "Change types for source map offsets (#174)"John MacFarlane
2016-12-30Change types for source map offsets (#174)Nick Wellnhofer
2016-09-27One more cmark_mem useYuki Izumi
2016-06-06cmark: Implement support for custom allocatorsVicent Marti
2016-06-06cmake: Global handler for OOM situationsVicent Marti
2016-05-26Add 2016 to copyrightKevin Burke
2016-04-09Fixed a number of issues relating to line wrapping.John MacFarlane
2016-03-27Merge pull request #118 from nwellnhof/win-eol-fix2John MacFarlane
2016-03-27Set stdin to binary mode on WindowsNick Wellnhofer
2016-03-26Open files in binary modeNick Wellnhofer
2015-12-19Removed bench.h and timing calls in main.cJohn MacFarlane
2015-07-27Use clang-format, llvm style, for formatting.John MacFarlane
2015-07-13Added `CMARK_OPT_SAFE` option and `--safe` command-line flag.John MacFarlane
2015-07-12Added width parameter to render_man.John MacFarlane
2015-07-11Removed dependence on debug.h.John MacFarlane
2015-07-05Added LaTeX renderer.John MacFarlane
2015-06-16Added `CMARK_OPT_VALIDATE_UTF8` option.John MacFarlane
2015-04-19astyle reformatting.John MacFarlane
2015-03-30Modified copyright message with --version.John MacFarlane
2015-03-22Initialize width.John MacFarlane
2015-03-21CommonMark renderer: Added 'width' parameter.John MacFarlane
2015-03-21Added commonmark renderer.John MacFarlane
2015-02-16Rename CMARK_OPT_SMARTPUNCT -> CMARK_OPT_SMART.John MacFarlane
2015-02-16Made 'options' an int rather than a long.John MacFarlane
2015-02-16Move normalization step from main to cmark_parser_finish.John MacFarlane
2015-02-15Added options parameter to cmark_parse_document, cmark_parse_file.John MacFarlane
2015-02-15Moved normalization step from XML renderer to main.John MacFarlane
2015-02-14Added CMARK_OPT_SMARTPUNCT and --smart option.John MacFarlane
2015-01-23Improve version informationNick Wellnhofer
2015-01-07cmark: Add function & option to normalize text nodes.John MacFarlane
2015-01-05Reformatted code consistently with astyle.John MacFarlane
2014-12-31Write to stdout in binary mode on WindowsNick Wellnhofer
2014-12-29Added options parameter to renderers.John MacFarlane
2014-12-28Removed old 'ast' format, now that we have 'xml'.John MacFarlane
2014-12-28Added xml writer, to dump the AST in XML.John MacFarlane
2014-12-13Added cmark_render_man (man page writer).John MacFarlane
2014-12-02Fix EOF detectionNick Wellnhofer
2014-11-30Renamed cmark_parser_push -> cmark_parser_feed.John MacFarlane
2014-11-29Push parser interfaceNick Wellnhofer
2014-11-28Removed cmark_free_nodes from public API.John MacFarlane