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2015-12-19Use fully qualified versions of constants.John MacFarlane
2015-08-06Prefix utf8proc functions to avoid conflict with existing libraryKevin Wojniak
2015-06-16Renamed utf8proc_detab as utf8proc_check, removed detabbing function.John MacFarlane
2015-06-07Convert code base to strbuf_tNick Wellnhofer
2014-12-15Re-added cmark_ prefix to strbuf and chunk.John MacFarlane
2014-12-13Removed cmark_ prefix on chunk and strbuf.John MacFarlane
2014-11-24Validate UTF-8 inputNick Wellnhofer
2014-11-20Added utf8proc_is_space.John MacFarlane
2014-11-20Added utf8proc_is_punctuation.John MacFarlane
2014-11-16Declare all functions as extern "C"Nick Wellnhofer
2014-11-16Rename include guards for consistency and to avoid reserved identifiersCraig Barnes
2014-11-12Prefix names in buffer.hNick Wellnhofer
2014-10-24Renamed c program and library stmd -> cmark.John MacFarlane
2014-09-10Fix infinite loop when case folding invalid UTF8 charsVicent Marti
2014-09-10Cleanup reference implementationVicent Marti
2014-09-09Entity declarationsVicent Marti
2014-09-09ffffixVicent Marti
2014-08-13Initial commitJohn MacFarlane