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It is possible to customise several aspects of the output by changing
-values in `config.h`. Please see the comments within that file for more
+values in `config.h`. Please see the comments within that file or read
+the manpage for more details.
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+.TH XML2TSV 1 "04/01/2020" "" ""
+xml2tsv \- simple xml-to-tsv converter
+xml2tsv is a simple tool to convert XML given on standard input to a list of
+tab-separated-values records. Each XML entry is converted to a line
+ /full/path/to/current/entry[TAB]attr1=value1[TAB]attr2=value2[TAB]...[TAB]data[NEWLINE]
+.I "/full/path/to/current/entry"
+represents the full hierarchy of entries down to the current one. For
+instance, the XML snippet:
+ <html>
+ <head>
+ <title>This is a title</title>
+ </head>
+ <body>
+ <h1>It works!</h1>
+ <a href="">Click here</a>
+ </body>
+ </html>
+will produce the output:
+ /html
+ /html/head
+ /html/head/title This is a title
+ /html/body
+ /html/body/h1 It works!
+ /html/body/a href= Click here
+By default, xml2tsv quotes '\\n', '\\t', and '\\', and strips other
+control characters.
+The maximum length of an entry name and the maximum depth of an entry
+are fixed to STR_MAX and DEPTH_MAX, and can be changed by editing the
+.BI config.h
+and rebuilduing xml2tsv. It is also possible to change the separator
+used on output (SEP, by default set to '\\t'), and the character used to
+separate the name of an attribute from its value (SATTR, by default set
+to '=').
+xml2tsv currently lacks an option to force printing control characters
+on output, if desired.
+xml2tsv is written and maintained by Vincenzo "KatolaZ" Nicosia
+<>. The code is based on
+.BI xmlparser
+by Hiltjo Posthuma <>. You can use, distribute,
+modify, and redistribute xml2tsv under the terms of the ISC License.