AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-08fix the condition to emit SEP in xmldataHEADmasterKatolaZ
2021-12-08count tag childrend to fix lack of SEP emission on data with leading whitespacesKatolaZ
2021-01-06do not suppress compilation output with the @ prefix0.1Anders Damsgaard
2021-01-06install/uninstall xml2tsv(1) man pageAnders Damsgaard
2020-09-30several improvements and more efficient xml parserHiltjo Posthuma
2020-02-05merge new version of xmlparser (f32a38c45da3bd764f1708600a33bd878cbe8afc)KatolaZ
2020-01-12avoid unnecessary fields due to data after tagsKatolaZ
2020-01-07remove CFLAGS from linkingKatolaZ
2020-01-07fix xml2tsv makefile target for compatibilityKatolaZ
2020-01-05avoid double printout on short tagsKatolaZ
2020-01-05add newline to error printoutsKatolaZ
2020-01-05use stack_empty in stack-related functionsKatolaZ
2020-01-05add manpageKatolaZ
2020-01-05add LDFLAGS in config.mkKatolaZ
2020-01-05remove control charsKatolaZ
2020-01-04print unclosed tags after EOF and rename print_no_crKatolaZ
2020-01-04quote \ appropriatelyKatolaZ
2020-01-04add minimal README.mdKatolaZ
2020-01-04use config.hKatolaZ
2020-01-04add Makefile and config.hKatolaZ
2020-01-04quote newline and tabs; set separator and attribute assign charsKatolaZ
2020-01-04fix buffer overflowKatolaZ
2020-01-03some fixes and improvementsHiltjo Posthuma
2020-01-03improve output when a tag contains a shorttagHiltjo Posthuma
2020-01-03fix use of strncpy (thanks Hiltjo Posthuma)KatolaZ
2020-01-03initial commitKatolaZ