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2020-09-02add reference to mom in manpageKatolaZ
2020-06-22Re-add `--safe` command-line option as a no-op.John MacFarlane
See #344.
2020-02-11Update date on cmark.1.John MacFarlane
2020-02-11cmark.1 - Document --unsafe instead of --safe.John MacFarlane
Closes #332.
2020-02-11cmark.1: remove docs for `--normalize` which no longer exists.John MacFarlane
See #332
2016-04-09Fixed a number of issues relating to line wrapping.John MacFarlane
- Extend CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS to all renderers and add `--nobreaks`. - Do not autowrap, regardless of width parameter, if CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS is set. - Fixed CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS for LaTeX and man renderers. - Ensure that no auto-wrapping occurs if CMARK_OPT_NOBREAKS is enabled, or if output is CommonMark and CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS is enabled. - Updated man pages.
2016-03-24Updated date in man1 page.John MacFarlane
2016-03-20Fixed documentation of --width in man page.John MacFarlane
2015-07-13Added `CMARK_OPT_SAFE` option and `--safe` command-line flag.John MacFarlane
* Added `CMARK_OPT_SAFE`. This option disables rendering of raw HTML and potentially dangerous links. * Added `--safe` option in command-line program. * Updated `cmark.3` man page. * Added `scan_dangerous_url` to scanners. * In HTML, suppress rendering of raw HTML and potentially dangerous links if `CMARK_OPT_SAFE`. Dangerous URLs are those that begin with `javascript:`, `vbscript:`, `file:`, or `data:` (except for `image/png`, `image/gif`, `image/jpeg`, or `image/webp` mime types). * Added `api_test` for `OPT_CMARK_SAFE`. * Rewrote `` on security.
2015-07-05Added LaTeX renderer.John MacFarlane
* New exported function in API: `cmark_render_latex`. * Added src/latex.hs. * Updated README and man page. * Closes #31.
2015-06-16Added `CMARK_OPT_VALIDATE_UTF8` option.John MacFarlane
Also command line option `--validate-utf8`. This option causes cmark to check for valid UTF-8, replacing invalid sequences with the replacement character, U+FFFD. Reinstated api tests for utf8.
2015-03-30Updated man page.John MacFarlane
2015-03-21CommonMark renderer: Added 'width' parameter.John MacFarlane
This controls column width for hard wrapping. By default it is 0, which means that no wrapping will be done. Added a width parameter in `cmark_render_commonmark`.
2015-03-21Updated output formats in man page.John MacFarlane
Closes #16.
2015-02-15Removed outdated statement in man page.John MacFarlane
`--smart` now affects XML output too.
2015-02-15Man page updates.John MacFarlane
2015-02-15Implemented --smart for man output.John MacFarlane
2015-02-14Updated man page for --smart.John MacFarlane
2015-01-07cmark: Add function & option to normalize text nodes.John MacFarlane
So, instead of <text>Hi</text> <text>&amp;</text> <text>lo</text> we get <text>Hi&amp;lo</text> * Added exported `cmark_consolidate_text_nodes` function. * Added `CMARK_OPT_NORMALIZE` to options. * Added optional normalization in XML writer. * Added `--normalize` option to command-line program. * Updated man page.
2014-12-13Added cmark_render_man (man page writer).John MacFarlane
cmark: Replaced `--man` and `--ast` with generic `--to` option.
2014-11-30Make the man pages standard groff man rather than mdoc.John MacFarlane
2014-11-30Switched to mdoc for cmark.1.John MacFarlane
2014-11-29Keep cmark.1 in repository, so pandoc isn't required to build.John MacFarlane
See #224.
2014-11-29Moved man page generation to man/CMakeLists.txt.John MacFarlane
Removed doxygen stuff for now. It seems too complex for what we need. We'll find another way to create cmark.3.
2014-11-15Updated man page for multiple file inputs.John MacFarlane
2014-10-24Renamed c program and library stmd -> cmark.John MacFarlane
Also renamed internal library functions accordingly.